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Aviation Ground School’s


Nan Gaylord, owner of Aviation Ground Schools since 1975, teaches a 3 Day CFI course in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Online to prepare you for your CFI Practical Exam.

The course covers all 14 Areas of Operation (including 73 Tasks) in the CFI PTS – with the emphasis on preparing you to become the BEST CFI you can become. You should be able to pass the VERY CHALLENGING CFI Initial Practical Exam if you follow the guidance in the course. A comprehensive set of very professional Lesson Plans are furnished for all of the Tasks you will be teaching.

Nan has 47 years of specializing in teaching, mentoring, and preparing some of the most outstanding CFIs in the industry. Nan has administered more than 1,000 CFI Initial Practical Exams for the OKC FSDO. She is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, a Master CFI and a Master Ground Instructor. The goal of this course is to insure your success as a CFI.


Nan & Jeff“Nan, I just want to thank you again for the CFI prep class. I was over-prepared for all three of my check rides and couldn’t have done as well as I did without your class.” Thanks again, Jeff Goddard. justflyguy0620@aol.com, 06/21/2010.

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