Integrated Airmen Certificate and/or Rating Application


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Beginning September 1, 2009 the OKC FSDO will no longer process "paper" files for Part 61 Certificates or Ratings. They will be accepting only the web based electronic files from IACRA.

Visit the IACRA (Integrated Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application) website @ to register and input your 8710-1. You will need a Username, Password, and the FAA will assign you an FTN (FAA Tracking Number). Please write these 3 things in a secure place and carry with you. We will need them to process your application.

Please call, e-mail, or see me in advance with questions. The benefits are: faster processing of your PERMANENT Certificate, less chance for errors or mistakes, and your tax dollars will be paying the FAA for more important tasks than proofing paperwork for errors. Once everyone learns the process it should pay off in dividends for all!

Thank you,

Nan Gaylord